The Crowdfunding: what is it?

The crowd funding is an old idea

The common bond between the Russian and the Telethon, the concept of crowd funding or crowdfunding: in the same movement and the same unit of time a large number of individuals decide to money on a project, a work, a cause. Each individual then p is an individual, while being driven (as in a crowd) by the collective movement. It is both informed about the interest of the cause or project to which it committed money, and the amount of movement in which he participated. He expected course of its financial commitment consideration, which may be financial (loan status), moral (Telethon) or hardware. It is also sensitive to the Community dimension of his actions.

The advent of the Internet allows for popularizing the term of crowd funding

Before the Internet crowdfunding movement remained confined to exceptional events, able to stand the crowds, such as donation campaigns raised by natural disasters

universal network can transmit information instantaneously, desire and emotion around the world, the Internet makes it possible to lower costs to mobilize and convince thousands of people to achieve a socially responsible investment and thus constitute a community of interests

Thanks to boost Internet participatory finance allows Obama to sponsor his 2008 campaign, Vincent de Broc to walk around the world on behalf of thousands of anonymous painted on the hull of his ship the Vendée Globe, the singer Gregory know success with "You and Me" on startup Antabio develop the microcredit a new class of antibiotics. And around the world, investment funds based on the principle of crowd funding increase, whether to fund a project to raise funds to invest in a company, an art project or humanitarian project.

Most of crowdfunding in a few words:

This is the motivating force of the Internet now allows the generalization of Community funding under the terms of recently emerged crowd funding (project funding by the crowd)

The term "crowdfunding" comes from the concept of "crowdsourcing", which is to seek the public to generate ideas and find innovative solutions. In the case of crowdfunding, it is the "investors" the general public that we are primarily interested dimension to finance community projects or community projects.

It is noteworthy that crowdfunding is the appropriation of the Internet the idea crowdfunding, where an individual driven by self-interest and the crowd of his fellow invested money to a cause, an idea or a project, pending in financial compensation, material or moral.